Make up tricks to cover flaws and enhance facial features (pics included)?

What kind of make up tricks would u suggest which would help me in enhancing my facial features and take away attention from my flaws (especially my nose, acne marks and dark circles) :p Coz.. Im kindda new to make up and usually just apply eyeliner... so... a few valuable make up tricks will surely help me.. thanks :)

Make up tricks to cover flaws and enhance facial features(pics included)?

Also... No rude comments pls...:D


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  • No make up at all. You are so beautiful!


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  • Avoid the whole aerial shot thing. I think a straight-on view is actually more flattering for your nose. Also, a bit of mascara helps make your eyes fuller, and since your eyes are kind of protruding, you should really take advantage of eye makeup, because it would really look nice on you.


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