Any advice on changing appearance?

I went through some hard stuff a month ago and I feel the need to change my appearance to kind of make a new start... I already changed my hair colour but I find it difficult to find a new clothes style. I look pretty normal, and I want to see a change without going for something "extreme"
I hope that made sense, thanks to those who will answer x


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  • Ok sounds fun! What kind of style are you looking for? What do you dress like now? Something like this is a bit edgy, but really nice looking:

    It's a bit more of an adult style compared to teenager style.

    • Thank you for your opinion :) I am looking for something more feminine but still pretty "normal" if you see what I mean. This is already pretty much my style exept for the leather leggings. I wear a lot of tight jeans and little boots with heels (like maybe 5 cm heels)
      I also wear a lot of white, clear pink, brown...

    • How about something like this?

      Feminine but normal :)

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  • Have you any ideas what you want?- If you post a pic of yourself or a style you think you could like, it would give us an idea of what to advise - At the moment it is just too wide of a question, sorry.


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