Girls, can you help me pick my new wardrobe?

I am a crpssdresser and i want to build my feminine wardrobe but I don't really know much about girls clothes. It would be really helpful if i could get advice on what style of different clothes i need. For example the differwnce in all of these kinds of bras, panties, and even swimsuits. I would be very grateful for advice on fashions too. The more info i can get the better so please comment.


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  • What kind of info do you want? Get some boots, leggings, t-shirts, dresses (for summer & winter), skirts, tights, at least ONE leather jacket, a denim jacket, a coat, sweaters, blouses, ballerinas shoes, platform heels, crop tops, panties, thongs etc.

    • Like how do i pick styles, what brands, sizing, what stores to go to