From Girl To Woman?

When exactly does a girl become a woman?


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  • it's not like you wake up one day and you're a woman. different people grow and mature at different rates. but it's also subjective, it depends on how you define "woman".

    legally you're a woman once you turn 18.

    mentally, you don't finish maturing until around the age of 25.

    i'm 20 and I still think of myself as a girl; I've not really come to grips with the whole "adult" thing yet.


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  • When she her emotions calm down a little bit and she can look at a situation with logic as well as feel it with her emotions this is in my opinion when you become a woman.

    I think for men it is the opposite when you can step away from the logic analytical self and feel a situation for what it is as well as seeing the logic is when you are a man.

    Anyway just a theory should I write a book on it lol?

  • Different for each female, somewhere between 17-21 for the majority of females.


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  • when you become responsible for yourself and have a pot to p*ss in and a window to throw it out off