When she whispers...'Change your shoes...' WTH?

There is a new chick at work. Now she always avoids me and when she does walk toward me she doesn't look at me. Only when we're one to one she looks at me and it's kinda like the dear in the headlights look. She makes things weird by acting weird and in turn she makes me feel weird.

Just today she said a few words to me work related and it was a funny conversation. I thought we'd finally not be awkward and be friends. Then 30 minutes later I hear through people she wants me to change my shoes?

WTH? Explain please girls. Is this chick just a bitch? Or is there something else I'm not seeing?


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  • By any chance do you have feelings for this chick? that's the vibes and getting... hmmmm

    perhaps you have ugly shoes or they don't match with what you re wearing.. or perhaps they smell awfull. it was stupid that she told others about it and not you..directly...

    what I would have done if a guy came up to me directly and told me to chande my shoes, I would honestly tell him to keep his opinion for himself and mind his own business.

    plus I would let him know that I wouldn't even consider his ''opinion'' when it comes to Fashion, unless he was Ungaro or someone!

    so if he doesn't like the shoes, tough luck because am gunna shove it up in his ass and kick him in the balls as well.

    plus, it doesn't matter if I liked him or not, if a guy throws a stupid comment like that he has to be ready, plus I doubt I will ever be into him after these blunt stupid comments.


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  • maybe your shoes stink...seriously! you might be acustomed to the smell, so it may not bother you but it may be a deterrent to this girl. That would at least explain why she looked at you weird, has avoided you, and in general acts strange around you. Seriously, why else would someone tell you to change your shoes?

    • What? My shoes don't stink. I happen to be the cleanses guy I know that isn't gay. I'm thinking she's telling me to change my shoes so she can control me like a puppet. Thoughts?

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  • hey man, think positively. you got the info through the grapevine use it to your advantage. show up with some dazzling new shoes and she will know your thinkin about her.

    or you could take route 2, show up with the ugliest motha fvcking boots you got, walk up to her and say how do you like these shoes bitch/

    • I like option 2. The ugliest boots I know are from my gay cousin's closet. I don't know where they've been....I also like option 1, it means that I do recognise her and respect her opinions. Thanks dude!

    • I like option 2 BUT without saying a word.. just show up in butt ugly shoes on a daily basis... I'd avoid the gay cousin's shoes though as she is one who talks behind your back. Make a point of changing into nice shoes at the end of the day right in her presence. Again, all of this is MUCH more fun if you don't say a single word about it and act like it's perfectly normal. If she asks why you are changing into nice shoes just say you only wear your ugly shoes to work and then leave!

    • Thanks for your advice rainyday! I think I'm just going to turn it around on her and say I don't like her shoes. This will make it hard for her to resist my charm and 'll eliminate the weird vibes she gives off!

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