Girls, how can you feel comfortable wearing a racer back bra?

I am planning going to a Halloween party as a woman. I was shopping for bras yesterday, and I tried on a racer back bra. I felt that it was squeezing my pecs.


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  • Like a sports bra? They're not supposed to be comfortable, they're supposed to keep your boobs from hitting you in the face when you exercise.

    • So a racer back bra is a modified sports bra.

    • Most sports bras are racer back, yes.

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  • i like the racer back ones because the straps won't slide on your shoulders like the normal ones

    • Good point.

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    • its just like any other bra

    • This was uncomfortable for me when I tried it on in Victoria's Secret.

  • Get a bigger size

    • I was measured. The regular bra fits just like a good glove.

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