This will be our first Valentine's day together?

And my first one having a boyfriend. He said I could go ahead and start planning now. I'm actually pretty excited... but have no clue where to start. Neither of us have much by way of funds... I was thinking of making a nice dinner with oysters and crab but not sure what else or if I should/need to plan something else. Any suggestions?


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  • Right, there are a few main things to plan. Firstly you say your going to cook, so not only do you need to think about the meal (side note: do you want to serve smelly fish?) you need to think of where/ how you're serving it. To be extra cute last year I used a table cloth, red napkins, and set a really nice table with loads of gold glitter and tiny gold heard that got everywhere but looked amazing.

    Then there's dessert; I don't know how kinky you want to be here but this makes a great transition into sex eg the old strawberries and cream. And if you are planning on having sex you could invest in some new underwear, or maybe some with special significance (ones you were wearing the first time you slept together) or just a nice set he hasn't seen in a while.

    And finally you need a special present. As you're strapped for cash there's loads of cute things you can make or do which cost little to nothing. Yu can find loads on google, but one of the best ones I've head of is writting down 365 reasons you love them, folding them into stars, and putting them in a nice jar so they have one to read every day of the year XD

    Hop that helps