Is this okay cuz I'm confused?

I want to wear a bow tie or regular tie from when I get up to when I go to bed my friends all do it and they look really good they don't even unbutton their top collar button until they get ready for bed that's what I want to do preppy formal all day long I love ties and bow ties especially they're so great I like the feeling of a tie around my neck especially a bowtie cuz they look and feel so good on my neck rather than loose and sloppy. I also don't want to be too formal and wear my good dress shirts can I wear a tie or bow tie done tightly with my top collar buttons up nice and tight but on a regular plain white or light blue button up shirt like from American eagle or hollister so it doesn't look too fancy like with a pair of khakis could I maybe throw in a sweatervest or blazer or both to complete the look?


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  • with a sweatervest it would look great!!

    • With a sweatervest should I wear a bow tie or regular necktie the outfit I'm thinking about is
      Khaki pants
      White tight collared button up shirt buttoned all the way
      Navy sweater vest
      Red and navy striped bow tie tied securely at the top button not like loose
      Navy blazer
      Black shoes

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  • That sounds good to me - All you need is a collared button down shirt for a bow or tie

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