Do guys notice an off centered nose, lips, or if eyes are not at an equal level?

Well one eye is slightly higher than the other. My nose is a bit off centered, and my lips slightly too. I realized it not to long ago. Sometimes it looks normal, some days I can tell easily. Do guys notice, will they think I'm ugly? I think I'm pretty, its just when I notice these things it makes me question my views, and if what I see is all false.


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  • No one is perfectly symmetrical.

    For girls, one breast is usually a tad larger (right for right handed girls).

    For boys, one testicle is larger, one bicep is larger (my right one - since I'm right handed and use it more), and my right hand has more calluses. NO, NOT BECAUSE OF THAT! Because I use my right hand more. (In general)

    So, you would be "abnormal" if everything was the same size on both sides.

    For confirmation, take a very close look at a Victoria's Secret Catalog. Some Uber models are a bit cross-eyed.


  • i can tell you now that no guy in the world could notice such minute details without examaning and measuring your face...

    plus he's probly looking at your boobs anyway


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