What are signs a guy might like you?

What are some signs a guy may be interested in a girl? There's this guy that I like and he is aware that I like him, but he tends to be pretty shy and quiet. We talk at work often, he sits next to me on breaks, we text back and forth, and we hang out from time to time. I will catch him looking at me and making eye contact, and he sometimes smiles big or just gives a subtle half smile. I think he still might be hung up on his ex girlfriend though. They didn't date too long at all and she broke up with him in September. I just don't know if he isn't fully allowing himself to get any closer with me because of that or what. He's seen other guys hit on me when we go out with friends for a few drinks and he's seen me turn them down because I like him. So guys, how do you show a girl you like her or are interested in her?


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  • Depends very much on the guy and his style. A lot of guys will like a girl but fear rejection so he might not take it any further unless he knows for sure you are interested. Obvious signs are things like: wanting to be round you generally, making excuses to see you and similar things are a good indicator he feels you are worth getting to know.

    Then there's little things like just grabbing your arm, or touching you briefly, again these little brushes are just attempts to show you that he is there and is tempted to take things further. He might be a little flirty in his texts.

    A good way to tell the way he feels is to see the way he acts around other girls. Is it any different to you? If so then there's a chance he might be interested.

    • I agree with you on it being who the guy is and his style because I understand that everyone is different. What I wonder about is like why does every other guy like me except for the guy I like? lol. I just really think he is that shy because I know he really hasn't had a lot of girlfriends.

    • He may be shy but I think he may also be nervous to show his intentions. If he is not interested, he might be cold towards you, more like how he would treat a guy friend I suppose. That's a good way to test the waters.

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  • He makes a point to stop, look you in the eyes and say "Hello" when you are in the same room. He may also say something awkward or seem to have trouble figuring out what to say next. When you walk away and turn you see he is following your exit with his eyes and a lump in his throat. He will smile at you at every opportunity and his smile will be warm and sincere. He will find reasons to be places you are just to get a glimpse of you and he will try to be chivalrous to not only you but every woman in the room and even the children. He will ask your opinion not just because he really cares to know it but to hear your voice and watch your face as you speak. And if any of this bothers you or you feel suffocated by his attention, the slightest hint from you will send him to the shadows where he will abide until the longing for the light of your presence has passed or you change your mind and lead him into the glow of reciprocation.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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