I don't know what to do with my hair?

A few years ago when I was working in a salon I asked for a coworkers help and by the time it was done my hair was fried and I had to cut it all off. Now years later my hair has grown and is long which I want it long I just don't know what to do with it. My hair is naturally wavy so I usually scrunch it but now it's getting so long it pulls the curl out and just looks bad. I will blow dry it straight and straighten it and it curls up, if I use a curling iron and curl it the curl falls out to the wavyness. Nothing I do helps and I don't know what to do anymore, I tried to just blow dry it and have it be dry and sorta curly but I couldn't even get a brush through it after it was dry. I don't really wanna get a perm because that was part of the reason my hair got burned but nothing is working and I don't know what else to do.


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  • I swear, we are never happy with what we have :). My hair is board straight and I would kill to have waves! Sigh.

    Any how, a good trim might be in order. I bet your hair is beautiful, though.

    • Lol I used to have super straight hair growing up but grandma took me for a perm when I was too young and it changed my wave pattern and have had wavy/curly hair ever since, they said the perm would wash out in months and it's like it never went away. My hair is long enough now that I can trim it myself so every 8-10 weeks or so I straighten it and will trim it, just did it about 3 weeks ago. Every time I go to get it cut they wanna cut it all off and now it's long enough I can just trim what I want off. The last person to cut my hair asked why I wanted it long and I said to have long hair and she's like yeah but why she just didn't get that I want my hair long for me.

    • The way I see it, us long haired women have the best of both worlds. We can wear it long, flowing, sexy. We can put it through the back of a baseball cap. We can braid it, pony tail it, wear it all up or half up and down. We can wear long hair short, but short hair can't ever be worn long.

      Some girls look adorable and sexy with short cuts, but if you like yours long tell her to pound sand. Lol

  • My hair is naturally curly. i get that problem when i dont trim it for a while. when last have you had a trim? that seems to help my hair.
    Have you tried to give yourself a coconut oil treatment? google it. It works for me.

    When it comes to straightening my hair, never stays straight. i have to use treatment on my hair before i straighten it and pray it stays that way for at least a hour.