I don't think I can ever handle rejection again?

I really can't its happened so many times like what's wrong with me.. ugly people have boyfriends and I am not like a horrible looking person.. I'm not the most beautiful girl in the world I know but still like why does no one want me? I don't understand it hurts my feelings.


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  • Your feelings are completely understandable, but you are trying to use logic regarding relationships. They certainly are not logical. You do appear to be quite attractive from your photos, and assuming you have a pleasant personality as well, I'm sure you will find that special person. Be patient and enjoy time with friends in the meantime... and remember that you can often find things when you aren't looking!

  • i hate to think in such calloused terms,

    but that's life.

    i'm not huge on relationships.

    just try to keep your chin up,

    and keep on truckin'.

    best advice:

    dont sell yourself short or jump the gun for any guy.


    sorry to hear about your problem.


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