Should I mail-order a husband from Europe?

American guys are so specific about the girls that they like! European guys are open-minded about the women they date ranging from white, Asian, middle eastern, and black girls from all types of styles: pretty, punky, nerdy, average, and big girls. Why can't American guys be like that? Why are all American guys into the same type of women: Megan Fox, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian?


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  • It's been my experience that european guys are even more discriminating. A lot of europeans might date someone different from them but won't marry someone who isn't their same ethnicity. And they do look down on fat people, obesity rates are so much lower in europe they tend to just look at it as something weird that only Americans do. Ask them and they'll tell you. And then they start talking about how much they hate McDonalds.


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