Girls, would you give a guy a second look if he had on a Blouse and a camisole under it?

Girls, would you give a guy a second look or talk to him if he was wearing a Blouse with a camisole on under it?


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  • Um... in the bedroom, or out in public on the street? Because if he's wearing my clothes, be better ask first! Lol If it was a random stranger on the street, I would for sure be looking. Whether or not I was interested would depend on how good he looked wearing it, I suppose.

    • Well I have always loved the look and feel of Woman's clothes (I guess the feminine side of me) so I guess I am asking about going out in public with me and would you help picking out the outfit and lingerie?

    • It would be something new for me; that's not something that I've experienced before. But would I try it? Sure, why not. As for helping you pick out lingerie and clothes? Absolutely! That part actually sounds like fun.

    • Just went for my first make up session in public and actually left it on while as I walked around the mall looking for some Slacks and a blouse. The girl in Sephora was young but very nice and did my face and was not judgmental at all as a matter of fact she seemed to have fun with it. Glad to hear that you would at least give it a try, seems like most woman would not from what I hear. To bad I am still the same nice guy just showing a little bit more of my Feminine side. ;-)