How do I dress to impress?

In other do I dress for a guy to take me seriously as "dating potential" ? I have my own style but id like to know what guys look for in a girl clothing wise. I'm not going for a one night stand sexy look or an uptight gal either. I'm looking for something that screams "DATABLE" lol how do I achieve that look and please give me serious answers. I'm NO idiot


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  • Where are you looking to meet guys?

    That always plays a big part. The key is being 'you' but approchable at the same time.

    You want to be able to express yourself through your clothes - people are immediately going to get some sort of an impression about you based on the way you dress - and you don't want them to be completely off base with their initial opinion of your character.

    From my experience - generally 'dating potential' rather than a hook up for a night or two - are normally more 'cute' than out and out sexy. That's not to say you can't be sexy, sophisticated and cute at the same time.

    Never over board on the make up, fake tan. A little goes a long way; a smokey eye here, and red lips there are always good - but don't go too over board. It normally screams high maintenance. Same with the hair. Natural volume is usually good, not too 'stuck to the head straight' as you sometimes see.

    Either legs, or chest. One or the other - never both at the same time, it's more often than not just trampy.

    It's hard to say what to wear based on the little I know about your character, job, lifestyle, bodytype etc.

    But here's some good looks for maybe different styles.

    -High waisted skirt (plain in colour - probably black) Dressy blouse (maybe ruffle detail, or a pattern..) a thin, coloured waist belt. Heels (in black or the same as belt)

    - The little black dress, accompanied with a smile is always a winner - as long as you don't take yourself to seriously in it.

    -Fitted jeans, heels, and a detailed, delicate top - maybe in a chiffon or sheer fabric.

    - Cute, little flowery day dress, oversized cardigan.

    Decide what feature you want to focus on - and play off that.


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  • Dress in classy, nice, MODEST clothing.

    Modesty is very attractive to me, especially with a girl that could easily show off her body and turn a lot of heads. But I don't typically like a girl that dresses "to impress" because usually it attracts too much of the wrong kind of attention. Just casual clothing even, if is modest, like just a hooded sweatshirt, and she isn't trying to show off, that's great too.

    It tells me a lot about her as a person. But if you're trying to get someone to notice you, dress in classier clothes, but don't show a lot of skin. :)

  • You should dress a style that you like and one that suits you. Never copy a style, for the sake of thinking it attracts men. The most attractive women, are those who have confidence in their ability to dress, flirt, and so on.

  • Be yourself ! Smile, and be confident in yourself but not cocky. There's a fine line, but being confident is truly liking who you are while cockiness is the thought (yes thought, some that are cocky think its a reality) that you are better than everyone.

  • Feminine and cute.


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  • i know its not tht helpful with no pix but you sound smart so you should get the idea

    dress sassy but classy: meaning that you wear something that girlish lets say a dress or a cute skirt with a cute top, make sure it flaunt you assets but in a classy way, meaning show a little bit but not too much, a little tiny cleavage is sure to ake the guy interested in you imagine what's the rest of the deal will look like later down the road, showing too much gives the vibe that ur slutty and leaves nothing to imagination.

    dress your size not 2 sized down, if a jeans fits you great and hug ur curves just right , then that's the one

    if you wanna look datable, I would stay away from basic tees and jeans, if you gonna wear some jeans, add some edge there, guys like a girl with a little bit of edge, but nothing too high end because that will scream intimidating, add some cute top that's girlish, summer dresses with right accessories are always perfect because they show that the right about of skin, they show you great legs, and ur nice arms, a bit of sey cleavage, if its a bit cold pair it with a denim jacket.

    in short be girlish with adding a bit of ur style, because style shows character

  • whatever makes you most confident is most impressive