What's something I can wear that's sexy, but not skin tight or really short?

Like something that can worn in cold weather that comes off as cute and somewhat of a turn on?


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  • In cold I usually go with really thick, opaque tights (leggins sometimes - but I don't really like them) - I like these with long, loose fitting vests - like a dress (but not really fitted like you see people wear with crop tops on top) with a thick, baggy cardigan on top. Boots are always good.

    Jeggins (shock horror but I actually like them) with leg warmers and a cute, top.

    Layers - if you do them right they can look really good. A vest, under a boyfriend shirt, tucked into a pencil skirt and belted. Works nice with ankle boots and tights again.

    Oversized jumpers are always good in the cold - work well with jeans, or tights, or leggins. Same with over sized cardigans - or oversized anything to be honest, I was just thinking warmth lol.

    Add a scarf or two to pretty much any out fit, and a pair of boots and a beanie hat and you've got instant 'cute' in this weather.


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  • I like layered skirts with a cute vintage top.

  • Some legging , nice boots and a nice top, if you want to go for sexy maybe wear a top with a low cut then put a simple cute cardigan over it. Dress up with accessories :]

  • something that can be hot but still warm is really high boots. Like over your knees.

    • Yeah something about the knee highs, just too dang sexy