Girls, How to dress up top for guys, Layers or simple?

layers would be like a basic t shirt with a collared shirt, or a cartigen.

simple would just be a plain t shirt. White. black, or navy slight v neck.



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  • Well it depends on your preferences and also on the weather. Because if it’s hot outside, you don’t dress in layers, but in the winter, it’s actually recommended to dress in layers rather than just take one thick sweater and a jacket and just be done with it. Now for me, in the style department, a guy dressed in layers is much more attractive. Male fashion has grown fast in the last couple of years, so men this days have a nice variety to choose from, so don’t stick with the usual jeans t-shit cardigan combination. And about wearing the female cardigans (sorry I’m answering here)… I don’t think I would realize that you are actually wearing a female one if a saw you walking by the street. I personally always liked male cardigans better, they just looked better to me for some unknown reason, and there are some really nice ones out there if you are willing to search. Quick tip: if you have so time on your hands go and shop at a second hand store, thrift store or an outlet. You will find good quality products at a cheap price, that is if you are willing to look hard enough


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  • neither of those :/
    i like to wear a dress or a cute shirt.
    if im dressing up i stay away from t shirts...

    • lol you didn't read the question carefully.

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    • haha, you seem like a cold bodied person. I hope I never even visit where you live, I'd have to carry 8 t shirts and a towel to wipe off the sweat.