Girls, what's your opinion of nose rings (big ones)?

I'm talking about big nose rings or rectum... I mean septum nose rings. I'm personally okay with little diamond studs... but's what the cattle rings lately?

I just have to ask, why are girls jumping all over this trend? Did some famous celebrity start wearing one or something? I just don't get it. I'm trying to be open minded but I'm struggling with this trend. This is a huge turn off for most guys including myself. Maybe some girls want to purposely turn off guys or something.

Here is a separate guys only poll for this if you want to see what my brothers think of this "fashion" statement.

  • I don't have one and I don't want one
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  • I want to get one
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  • I have one and I started wearing because my friend is wearing one
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  • I am wearing one because I saw something in on tv/media that made it look cool
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  • I have one because I think it's fashionable
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  • I have one but I'm thinking of getting rid of it
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wow girls are more against this than I thought. I wonder why I'm seeing so many women putting this shit in their faces nowadays.
Wow. I'm really shocked that most of ladies feel the same way I do about nose rings. It's still a small sample size (14 people) but still. Why the hell don't these other girls feel the same way?


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  • Nose rings make people look cheap.

  • Hideous to the max.

  • Not a fan of those

  • I think a little stud at the side of the nose (like Tupac had) can be super sexy on a girl, and a ring at the side of the nose also might look good on some girls, but the septum is my absolute favorite, because the piercings that they sell are really cool in my opinion.
    Fyi most girls don't dress to turn on guys...😒🙇
    We wear things because WE like the style, and because it contributes to a fashion statement.
    Me personally i don't give two shits about what guys think of my outfit lol.

    • well I hope the guy you have a crush on doesn't "give a shit" about how you dress.

    • I don't have crushes, 10-14 year olds have crushes... but the guys I'm talking to often complement me on my style ;)

  • i think that nose rings are disgusting and i would never do that. My friend have one of those and i always look at that shit and i would put it away.. It's so ugly on people face how much someone is pretty or not. I'm against that.
    Girl on third picture reminds me on bull...

  • Absolutely disgusting.

    • For some reason every chic I've seen at a tanning salon has one. I went to get a spray earlier today and the girl behind the desk had a thick, studded septum ring. It was so hideous I couldn't even look her in the face.

  • I don't like them to be honest.

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