Ladies what's the perfect body for a guy?

i hit the gym all the time I have perfect symmetry on all my body parts I have veins on my abs I'm pretty small 5 6 120 extremely cut up almost no boyfriend on my body I'm hard as a rock everywhere! ye you can say I'm a bit cocky but so what I deserve this body ANYWAY! what's a girls taste for bodies?

body fat not boyfriend hehe my mistake
i look better than him but OK...


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  • Personally I don't like ripped guys. I dislike it even more if it's accompanied by cockiness. I prefer guys who don't have any really visible muscles. But then again that's just me. My reason? I feel like guys who work out to get ripped is just like girls putting on a lot of might look very attractive to certain people, but it's essentially useless and could give off negative impressions. By useless I mean muscles aren't really necessary in day-to-day activities...they're just there to make a statement ("I work out, yeah! *insert manly grunt*).


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  • I don't like huge muscular guys-it scares me. I guess if he is proportionate and gorgeous lol yeah that would be hot. body type..I don't know..Taylor Lautner?

  • Icky

    I HATE HARD AS ROCK buff guys.

    Such as you describe yourself.

    I would much like myself a nice soft guy. Not ripped.

    And your cocky attitude sounds like a big turn off.

  • A clear "v" line. All girls like tall boys, tan, ripped, strong


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