Why is he looking and why did he say love?

Okay this is problematic for me. I never interfere with other peoples relationships, but this guy, who is married - admires me in far too weird of a way. Sometimes I catch him just staring at me. Like he can get to know me just by looking at me, like he wants to see under my skin or into my head ( nothing was on my face I checked). He also made fairly weird comments, and granted I am slightly naive, but he is constantly interrupting people to make sure they don't "harm" what he likes about me. Like I don't like a lot of make up - I wear eyeliner but not much more. Or I don't feel comfortable talking or making any vulgar statements around older guys about sex.

Any way he (this is a co-worker) walked up to my desk one day and just stared straight into my eyes and said "you know your eyes are truly amazing?" I told him I know. and he was like "They are really beautiful." Like it was a new concept or something. Plus he teases me a lot, and under any normal circumstances I would consider it flirting - however he is married. Then one day I called him a jerk for teasing me mostly in a playful manner, because it was actually funny. and he asked me "how come every time I am around you I end up being the jerk." I don't exactly remember what I said but something along the lines "because you make fun of people and I call you out on it" and then he said in not so joking a manner "if I tease you its because love you."

Okay guys is this a problem? Or is it just because he isn't getting any ( his wife is pregnant )? Or is this just a friendly love? Does he just want to get under my skin? I don't get it. I personally don't believe a guy should be telling any other girl not related to him (or an adopted aunt) that he loves them (unless his wife is in on the conversation). Is that wrong? I guess it could be my naivety but I value marriage even when the world doesn't. I don't like it when people so easily Jeopardize these kind of relationships.


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  • You have to think that men are all about genetic


    And we also seem to resent pregnant

    women. It is a deep-seated evolutionary

    response we have developed.

    So we like as many women as possible.

    My looks get me into tons of trouble

    with girls especially since I am 36 and

    at the University.

    Hey married women flirt with me

    right in front of their husbands

    if that makes any sense at all?


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  • He sounds like the type that would cheat on his wife, obviously. I think you need to tell him his teasing and stuff makes you uncomfortable. Get yourself out of the clear quickly so nothing can come back on you and be blamed on you. If his wife finds out he has been flirting with you and you didn't say or do anything about it, it will be your fault. But if you nip this in the bud (sorry my mom says that a lot I've kind of picked up on it) now, it can't be blamed on you. I think you need to just tell him "listen you are a nice guy and everything but you are married and I feel very uncomfortable with you teasing me like this. " see what he says. If he gets mad at least he won't be teasing you anymore! Good luck :)