Girls, Young women under 25 ish range, does a guys hair or lack thereof really make or break his looks/matter this much?

I see guys post questions about being bald from a condition or balding etc quite a bit, and honestly I was surprised how many girls are against the bald head, I have family who do it just for practicality and they don't seem to have problems, so I guess I'm just disappointed somewhat in girls (some of them anyway) who say guys are hard on fat girls etc with shaming when most of them could hit the gym (military family, we can't stand not being in shape and are disgusted with how the world is becoming okay with the idea of overweight and out of shape) I do get some people have disorders which cause weight gain and that's too bad, yet a guy with hairloss is free game when it's genetic?
Anyway off topic that's more a my take, my question is a simple one, girls could you be attracted to a bald guy who had to shave his head, and could you date him? Looks do matter it's just the double standard I hate, so answer honestly.

  • Hair does matter enough to me at this age I would most likely pass on dating a guy who was shaved bald and couldn't grow hair
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  • Hair matters enough Id find them ugly without hair so young
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  • Hair doesn't matter enough to break a guys physical attractiveness just because he had to shave bald at 19 or 20 from hairloss. I could be attracted to and date a bald guy this young
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  • Results (girls above 25 years of age)
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  • Ramble much dude?
    Hair or bald doesn't make the man for me or make or break an attraction.

    • I was just trying give the point of the somewhat double standard but hey whatever, you voted C I take it?

    • That is correct.

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  • Why do you keep asking this over and over?

    • Why. Don't you just answer? Honestly it's mostly because I shouldn't have to lower my stabdards and accept a non attractive girl just because I lost hair which is out of a persons control. I still hold high standards and take care of myself so I still expect a very attractive partner, yet hair is bashed awfully on by girls, even though they hate fate shaming which should just motivate girls and guys to lose weight.

      And if it bugs you just keep scrolling what do you care? Answer or leave it alone, my God people get upset easy

  • Personally I'm not attracted to them. I would never bash them though. Unlike all the guys who hate on girls with short pixie hair. :P

    • You voted B then?

    • Yes I voted B. I wouldn't exactly find them ugly, but that's because I believe beauty is subjective. I'm not attracted to them, but I know many girls are.

    • Honestly you know girls this age who do? Or at least don't care that is haha