Do you have a sneaky look at the package?

If you see a male jogger/cyclist in tight lycra shorts,Do you have a

sneaky look at the package.


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  • I always have to have a look, ever since I saw a cyclist in london with a erection (WOW) went back for another look. But I don;t think men should wear them unless they have something worth showing off. NO POINT. NOT NICE


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  • If I do it's usually to wonder if he has a pair of socks down there!

    But seriously, I don't think this is a particularly good look for guys - I personally prefer them to leave more to the imagination. It's fine if a guy wears bike shorts because he's riding a bike and doesn't need the breeze getting up his shorts, but for joggers it just looks like he's trying to show himself off.

  • I think it is normal for us yes to do a quick scan, and yes this means looking at your package. Do we sit and think about it or fantasize? /- usually not!

    I personally find it more attractive for guys to be in clothing that is baggy. NOT JOGGING pants, maybe running pants or athletic pants or something.

    If you are asking SHOULD YOU WEAR THEM because girls look. NO! We find it funny. Cyclist HAVE to wear - Swimmers have to wear- but JOGGERS do not.

    Girls aren't like guys. Tighter isn't always better. Mind you. Your tighties may allow us to look at your butt a little longer as we enjoy looking at that more so than the front.

  • Of course. I work at a restaurant that has a jogging trail/park along the back. My manager and I used to always go out side and check out the guys as they ran past us. But saying that, the guys at work used to do the same thing to the girls that ran by.

  • Hah, no. But I may look just to laugh. Maybe they do have a good reason for wanting/needing to wear them but I think they look funny. To me it's a sign that the guy takes himself way too seriously to the point where it's obnoxious.


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