Hey guys do you perfer modest dressing girls or girls tht show off everything?

when I say modest I don't mean turtlenecks and dresses that come down to the ankles...when I say modest I just mean like nice but comfortable at the same time...like jeans and a nice t-shirt or something like that...


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  • well it kinda depends what you want. the more you show, the more guys will check you out more than usual, partly because they probably feel that you are wearing what you are to gain their attention anyway so they will look. I think a girl that looks respectable looks the best so modest or whatever you feel comfertable in shoudl be what you wear. the modest you described seems perfect and if you feel comfertable in that than keep wearing that. its better to get a guy that wants you for you rather than one that is jsut sexually attracted to you anyway. you will get a better guy most liekly if you dress modest.

    Good Luck, God Bless


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  • Dont Show Off Everything You'll Come Off As A slut Or Something Like That. (:

    && Guys Usualy Only Go To Girls Like That Beccause They Know They Can Get Some

    • Oh I don't show off everything lol thts the point...guys don't notice me and I wondered if it was the way I dress...so thts y I was asking..but yah I agree tht they go to those kind of girls because they know they can get some..

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    • Yah I'll have to go out and get some more fun t-shirts...i only have a couple...i have one pair of skinny jeans but I don't wear them often so I guess I'll start wearing them more :) thanks for the advice!!

    • Welcome hun (: