Ladies, what goes best with this bodycon/sheath dress?

So I want to take my girlfriend out on a special date. She has even allowed me to buy a dress for her and she will wear it on our date.

So this is the dress:

Ladies, what goes best with this bodycon/sheath dress?

I want to surprise her by getting her a new bra and panty to go with the dress. I know I should leave it up to her but I am asking for my own education, and I don't want her to figure out the surprise before the date.

My main question is
1) what kind of bra goes with this dress?
2) If we were to go to a club and go dancing what bra/panty would be functional for her so she doesn't expose herself on the dance floor?
3) Generally speaking... what else would go good with this dress? (i. e. shoes, jewelry, accessories.)


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  • probably something strapless IF she needs one...
    a thong would probably be the best. or maybe some seemless cheekies. those are pretty good for tight clothing and don't show off too much if something were to happen to her dress...
    heels for sure. bracelets would look cute, maybe a necklace, earrings
    its not really a club dress, but i guess if she accessorises it right, it could be :)


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  • I would wearing earrings similar to this:

    and some strapy black heels.

    I wouldn't wear a bra with that dress, and I'd probably wear a thong. If I didn't wear a bra, it would NOT be strapless because those are a pain to deal with while dancing. But I'd wear one with thin skin-colored straps.

  • Either a strapless nude bra or a strapless black bra. As for accessories, I assume silvery stuff would look good with it.