Girls, Are there any colours, if so what, that do not go with nude coloured shoes?

More specifically peep-toe heels with matching clutch (on the bigger side).

Bought these shoes specifically for a dress, however I do not like this dress anymore and am thinking of changing it but I need to change it to a dress that will match the shoes, as I am not getting rid of those.


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  • hmm that do NOT go? ok ill try put it this way. pretty much every colour can go with nude but there r some colours in my opinion that would look much better with black or white heels. so the following colours i list, u can still do with a nude heel but i would rather a contrast.

    red... ok no forget red that looks great haha

    ill try to illustrate my point

    yellow dress, nude heels
    this look is alright but it's kinda flat in my opinion.

    for me, a white heel would just make the yellow 'pop' more

    hope u get the idea =] let me know if u need anymore help.

    • thank you!!! was looking for this!!!

      im buying a black dress with silvery/gold type embroidary and dont want the beige to clash :O opinions?

    • no problem hun :)

      ok honestly i believe a nude heel with a black dress is one of the sexiest combinations so u dont have much to worry about. the gold embroidery will also add to the 'nude' effect so it'll create more consistency rather than clash. =]

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  • Gee, I have a couple of pairs of nude or beige heels and I can't think of anything that really wouldn't go with them. They're pretty versatile, like black. Kind of a "go-to" color.

  • With nude colored shoes stick to pinks and black in my opinion! Any color does look good with them, but my favorites are rose pink and black!

  • I think every color go well with nude shoes

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