Girls, What to wear on a first date to a restaurant?

This restaurant doesn't have a shirt and tie dress code necessarily I've been here before and everyone at least wears a button up shirt and khakis but I don't wanna be underdressed so I was thinking like a plain white buttoned up shirt with a tie with a mild pattern like stripes I think I wanna do this with like a pair of khakis and a brown belt what color tie would go with this and what do u think of my choices any suggestions on my outfit


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  • You don't want white or black shirts with khaki, so try a more colorful like red or blue! If you are set on the shirt you have picked out, do nice dark jeans! The brown belt will work with both, khakis you could even wear a black belt! You could also do a collared polo instead of a button up! And I would say forget the tie! I'm more for the nice collared and colored polo with dark khaki and black dress shoes! (If you do black belt do black shoes if possible, or brown and brown! If you can't it's not a big deal!!!)