Is it normal to have an oily/greasy scalp after a brushing session with a boar bristle brush?

I have two boar bristle brushes that I bought a year ago. One is mixed with nylon, which I use to untangle my hair, and the other is 100% boar bristles, which I use after the first one. I've researched on google and youtube on how to properly brush my hair with these types of brushes. After every session, I notice my scalp becomes very oily/greasy, to the point that my scalp looks wet. Is this normal? Does this typically happen to people's scalps who use this type of brush? How do I remedy this increase in oiliness? Should I stop using these brushes?

I don't know if this information will is pertinent, but I live in a tropical country where the weather is constantly hot and humid.

I would have asked this on yahoo answers but that website is simply being a pain in the ass atm -_-
Any answer is much appreciated :)


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  • I had a look on google for advice and hope this site helps, there is a benefits section and how to use section

    • Thank you for that! I have actually tried brushing my hair that way... but my scalp still got greasy 😭😭

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • I don't know specifically about boar bristle brushes, but I know that when you brush your hair, you transfer oils from your scalp to the tips of your hair. So, if you brush your hair too much, they get oily. Brush them only as much as needed

    • How many times do you brush your hair in a day?

    • when you need to. personally, when I wake up, when I go out and before I sleep sometimes. just enough to untangle them

  • Anytime I would brush my hair it would make grease more noticeable because it pacts everything down

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