Girls, what are reasons for liking or disliking to wear pantyhose?

It's quite interesting to see how, once the temperatures go down in autumn, some girls chose to always wear them, even when they're at home and dressed casually.
Others wear them to work and for formal parties or occasions.
And there are also girls who avoid them except when there's no way around them.

As reasons you'll hear one girl say they're comfy and keep her legs warm, but another will say they irritate and are too thin to provide warmth.

So I'm curious to hear from you girls if you (dis) like them and why :D

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  • I wear them frequently, though only when a formal outfit is required
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  • I only wear them on rare occasions
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  • It's kind of a funny thing, I seldom wore them until I started working at my current job, where hosiery is a required part of the uniform. Once I got used to wearing them they became a pretty regular part of my casual wardrobe as well.
    The most important thing is to find pantyhose that fit your body type correctly and are comfortable.

    • That's interesting since it could explain why some girls say pantyhose are light and comfortable why others find them an irritating think to wear :o
      It could be because they didn't shop for the right pair that fits them nicely :D
      Another thing girls often say about them is that they ruin so quickly there are more pairs in their bin than their wardrobe :o

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    • Sounds like a "best practice" haha :D

    • Thanks for the interesting "inside info" into girls' fashion :D
      Most helpful 's all yours Karen!

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  • I never wear them because they're terribly difficult to get on and take off - and when you go to the bathroom - if you're sweaty - for example if you were dancing before - there's no chance in hell to put them back on.

    - ad least for me o. O

    • Haha maybe a fellow girl can learn you the secret technique.
      And without having looked (not for me hahaha) I guess if you search youtube for "putting on pantyhose" you'll find plenty of demonstrations :D

    • Haha I know how to put them on, I just don't have the patience to struggle with them unnecessarily. xD

    • Haha I see... Sally against pantyhose... PH won with knock out in the third round hahahaha!

  • I know that they're generally not too popular, especially these days, but as long as they are of a good quality and sheer, I've always liked wearing them, and NO, I don't NEED to wear them, as I think that I have a fairly decent figure and try to stay in shape. I just like the way they make my legs look and feel. I wear heels most of the time, too. Probably just too girly for most gals. Just the way I've always felt the most comfortable and confident, ever since I was young.

    • Oh I don't think that's too girly. I'm fairly certain that if you ask 20 guys if they'd have a problem with a girl who often wears pantyhose, 15+ will say they like it because it is girly.
      Just as we like a nice perfume, cute dress, earrings or heels :D

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    • What? No way... that isn't an assumed thing here, I think most tights are just normal though, not control ones or anything.

    • Thanks, interesting to learn about girls' stuff :D

  • I wear tights (pantyhose) almost every single day, and if not tights I wear hold up stockings. Very occasionally will I wear trousers and occasionally I have on a long skirt so won't wear them then. In the summer I sometimes don't wear them with a skirt, but i have pasty legs so don't like to show them off at all.

    • Haha it's the first time I hear the words "pasty legs" :o
      They'd be okay I guess... and thanks for you opinion :D

  • Can't stand them. Feel restrained.

  • i hate them. probably because my mom always made me wear them a s a kid, and were uncomfortable. i'd rather wear pants in the fall since they actually keep me warm. especially since i get cold duper easily

    • Oh yeah that's the typical situation... if you're obliged to do something you quickly start disliking it :o
      It's funny how one girl will say they're comfortable since they're light, and another finds them uncomfortable.
      Though I must say that as a kid I had that with jeans... it took me some time to get used :D

  • I wear pantyhose (or kneehigh stockings if I'm wearing pants) daily. It's a requirement at work.

    • I see! You wear a uniform? I remember my very first job which was check in at an airport. For me it was no problem but the girls always had their spare pair at hand... they were mandatory there as well.

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    • Haha that's the advantage of being a guy... costume pants generally don't develop runs :D
      Though most guys, me included, find it beautiful when a girl wears pantyhose especially with an attractive dress or or :D

    • Yeah, my boyfriend loves my kneehighs :p

  • I actually really like wearing tights. I just bought some Halloween themed tights


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