Dying Hair Today, What Color?

OK I'm dying my hair today and this is like the 3rd time now, I do it often. Just wondering what color do you think I should dye it, in other terms what color do you guys like on girls? By the way, my natural hair color is like Lara Croft's (If you don't know who she is then like a natural brown) I have died it to a reddish color, then dark brown which faded. So what color?

If you know Rubi Malone from the 9-15-09 release "WET", I am going for her look. Here's a link: link


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  • Natural brown is always good, but if you want try it like Rubi's that would be pretty cool and it would look good too.

    I never played the whole game of WET just the demo which was fun, how was the rest of the game is it a renter or a buyer?

    • Well people say its really bad but I really like the game. I was at family video and I was looking around for Grand Theft Auto, my mom called me over and showed me WET and I played it for five nights and the next day I bought it. I love the game.

    • Alright nice, yeah ill probably try in it then I am a fan of different games instead of a game that is just a copy of something else.

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  • I like natural red.

    I tried to play WET but the controls are horrendous.

  • Bright blue look different


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