What is the peircing called on face in both dimples?

Its on the cheeks inside both dimples. I want to get it done. Does anybody know how much it is.. and what's the name of it..


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  • They're called cheek piercings...
    They're usually around 60 t0 80 bucks.
    Gross healing process.

    • Don't scare me... Damn.

    • Seriously I've had my whole face done and I refuse to get those, so many of my friends have cracked teeth because of them plus they get pretty nasty while they're healing.
      get it done but get shorter bar to put in as soon as they're healed because you will accidently bite on them.
      and clean em with warm salt water, don't buy the stuff piercers sell its pointless.

    • Thank you..

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  • I believe it's called the "Why the Fuck Have I Done This to Myself" piercing.


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  • They're just called cheek ones.
    There expensive, at least out here.
    But,, a lot of places won't do them all the way through because it can damage your salivary glands.
    It's likely they'll try and get you to opt for single point dermals there instead.

    • and then the dermal rejects xD
      No point in cheek piercings or dermals in my opinion.
      Plus dermals leave pretty nice scars.

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    • I had a dermal in my chest that my boyfriend ripped out, it was awful. I couldnt imagine the pain a dermal ripping out of a cheek wpuld produce 😧😧😧

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