Girls, Very young women, could you date a guy with this condition?

at 20 I got what is called TE and my hair follicles began to die off, now I have no option but to shave my head skinhead bald (luckily I will keep eyebrows etc) but I always get depressed when I hear girls mock baldness and say "im sure when Im older I won't mind" see I have high standards, I will not date below what I persoanlly find to be a 7-10 range girl looks wise, but I want something real and only want one in the end, and I'd like to be married in my 20's, and I just feel like with my standards and no hair that most girls wouldn't give me ahot until they are older as well, so just be honest am I right in thinking most young girls dislike baldness on a young guy and wouldn't date him, or can a 20 year old with a skinhead shaven bald head be attractive to girls this age? (Im white by the way, I know black guys get away with shaving better)

  • At this young of an age I'd say the majority of girls would not be open to dating a guy who had to shave his head bald, combined with your standards you'll probably have to wait a number of years to date really... sorry
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  • you're overthinking it and worrying too much, a guy with no hair on his head can still be very physically attractive and while they may prefer hair, its not a dealbreaker for the majority of girls in their early 20's
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  • for gals older than 26
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Someone asked my age and I'm only 20
well girls seems the majority agree its a turn off and couldnt get past it, at least you're honest but you can't talk down men for not liking thunder thighs either


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  • How old are you?

    If he looks good without hair then he still looks good so why not, but most young guys can't pull it off.

    • Only 20 still, so going for girls 18-21 Id say and many do say I pull it off okay

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    • Nah didn't vote

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  • I've met bald younger guys who I thought were quite attractive. The right kind of people will notice the face more than the lack of hair. Seriously, if someone is that shallow, they've got a problem. This is in all honesty. I know a guy with alopecia who was married early twenties and his girl was 17!

    • well many say y face and eyes work very good for a bald head and I look about 22 so I pulll it off okay, did you vote if I could ask?

  • If you have high expectations, how can you expect women to not have high expectations as well? Hair is very important to young, pretty white girls, which is what you have said you preferred in other posts. If I were you I would focus less on women and more on improving yourself in your education and fitness.
    Worry about women when you're older

    • so you're saying Il lhave to wait, which Id die before Id do quite honestly, and I don't understand how hair makes or breaks a guys looks, I still work out and stay fit, my face is great for a bald head, so why should I expect less? and when do you think Id have to wait till

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    • You may be respectful somewhat, but realize I've had girls approach my friends and tell me to fuck off baldy. And I went bald from TE, a stress cobdition where my body almost killed over. Because right when I graduated my father died, for 3 months I wantched him choke on his own cancerous fluid in his lungs, he passed, then I put off school to help my mother, (I'm the only) I watched her break down, and physche out on mental pills until I told her doc to get her off the shit. Then the next year? Turns out I have several benign symptoms of muscular dystrophies, so for many months I went back and forth to specialists confused about my case, and spent many hours awake wondering if I'd be crippled. Luckily sounds like I won't but that time leaves a mark. No breaks from stress in all that time, and I got clinical exhaustion and I lost my hair. I've never even been kissed and now bald? Hah I spent so much time holding out for sonethibg real with a girl who was attractive physically and specia

    • l mentally to me, and then no hair? I've heard so many bad comments about bald, to my face even, and disgusted looks by attractive girls from just smiling.

      There's plenty I'm omitting from that, but if you really wonder why a person would be a bit bitter about something like this after all that's happened, then you may be the one with less compassion.

      I couldn't get a girl from my hometown with hair, how the hell am I supposed to get a decent looking one without? And yes this aspect of my life trumps the rest, I won't settle and don't villainize girls for it either (I still jog and work out and take care of myself) but I know what leaves in my future.. nothing. Not to me at least.

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