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Oh my check out this site I came across What do you think about this guy's view on marriage?


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  • I think he's just saying the things that every guy already thinks inside his head, but would never admit to thinking (much less say out loud) out of fear of having girls thinking negatively of him, having guys being forced to think negatively of him (or else that means they agree with him, or don't disagree with him, and the girls will think negatively of those guys too), and the fear of getting negative ratings online.

    The only thing I disagree with is his irrational rage.

    His use of very strong quantifiers such as such as direct "ALL" quantifiers or indirect "American-women" quantifiers.

    and his lack of understanding of feminists, and his bashing of feminists. It's actually kind of funny in the way his logic clashes upon itself.

    On one hand, he's angry and pointing out the ways that women try and manipulate men to be their workhorse, financial slaves, and have no respect for them; but just expect to sit there and be taken care of because they are women.

    On the other hand, he's angry at the feminists (and calls them feminazis) for going against other women who just wanted to stay home and keep gender inequality so that women could just stay home and have men do all the work; but who were actually proponents of the same exact think HE (the author) is claiming is also a proponent of; gender equality and not having one gender manipulate the other or use the other to do more work or be a financial slave or disadvantaged in any way.

    Though I will agree with him on his key points:

    - There's no real point in getting married

    - Sex isn't that important, and not worth chasing after

    - "SOME" women (and people for that matter) "can" be selfish and self-centered, which will cause them to ignore the needs and wants of other people, and focus on only what is important to themselves. Such a person cannot function in reality, because in reality, our own individual needs and wants never prevail fully. There is always compromise. But a selfish individual will not compromise. They want to mold reality to fit their fantasy, and manipulate others to conform their needs and wants so that they cater to the needs and wants of that selfish individual.

    But so what? If he has a problem with such people, just don't date them! Don't be in a relationship with them, don't marry them, don't have kids with them and allow those genetics the chance to procreate.

    That whole website's language and tone is definitely past "informative" and well into "angry, fanatic, irrational, radical" territory.

    • Thank you for your detailed opinion. Its funny - you answered 3 of my questions today and all answers were very detailed and nice! Thank you for sharing your opinion :)

    • That's funny, considering you asked them all anonymously

    • Yes that is what I though too. Thanks for the honest and detailed answers once again! You seem like a nice guy.

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  • In my opinion, I think this guy is a lonely lonely lonely person who has had very troublesome relationship problems and is taking his anger out through writing and voicing his opinion.

    I do fully disagree with him after reading a few of his pages. It seems to be mostly opinion and he has no real sources or research to support his statements.

    It's best to ignore him and let him continued down his own road of hated and despair, lest someone wants to change him.

  • i think it retarded and he has no life


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