I'm starting a fashion blog, my question is where's the best place to start?

I'm planning on starting up a fashion blog. I'm well educated when it comes to fashion and it's definitely a big passion of mine. I'd love to have people to communicate with that have the same passion I do. Where do I start Facebook, Instagram, tumblr etc
if anyone has any advice that'd be wonderful :) thank you very much


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  • probably link a bunch of accounts together, youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter, and have your own blog website


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  • i'm a digital marketer by profession... i run a few blogs/websites. for fashion, visuals are obvious. By blogging software out there imho at a low cost is Wordpress. com. Blogger is good, but very crude/cheap. Instagram makes sense for pics, and Youtube too. Facebook/twitter are good also, and you can integrate blog posts on these channels. I use an app called Hootsuite to integrate all my stuff, but tailor it to suit each format. but for fashion, instagram is primary imho, and youtube and a good blogging software.

  • Tumblr or YouTube you show your outfit of the day.


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