Is my body THAT important?

I'd like to know what I can do so that guys will quit looking at just my body and see my personality too. I do not dress provocatively or anything like that and I can make friends easily so I don't think its because I'm boring. my thing is that guys will ask me questions [like advice] on how to please a girl and I will give my honest opinion and then they start to become more sexual with me. like they ask me how many guys I've been with and how come I don't try them out and its getting to a point where I'm so fed up with it! why can't they just be my friends and see me for who I am and not just a body?! not to mention, it isn't even like I'm curvy or anything. I'm pretty petite like a body of a kid. I don't see what is so damn attractive. sorry for my wording. its just that I REALLY need advice on this


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  • Most guys will be flirty with a girl they find attractive at first, and even after being just friends. But the guys you describe sound like real creeps. I can only tell you to stay clear of those guys and meet people you have more in common with, similar hobbies/interests, that will help establish friendships based on something genuine instead of just because the guys want to hook up with you. Try meeting people through friends (friends of friends) or join some social activities where you know people are meeting for a purpose and to have fun. If you're an attractive girl, expect most guys to be flirty with you at first, because we honestly can't help who we're attracted to. But decent guys will stop hitting on you and become friendly if you make it clear you're just looking for friendship. Then again, expect some guys to blow you off once they know you're not going for them, plus some guys will just keep trying or try and be friends with you just to get closer to you.

    It's not easy putting yourself out there to make friends, sometimes it's harder than finding a date, lol, I hope you have more luck with making friends, hope this helped a little.


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