Guys. Do you even care?

See all of these questions like " one lip is bigger than the other." and "I have some hairs around my nipple does he care?" or " I have stretch marks." all these self conscious questions. ( don't get me wrong here ladies. I have the same questions but...) do you really care about any of that? I mean... I have all those issues but I don't care about them... Do you guys?


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  • No, not really, no one is perfect and MOST guys are aware of that and don't expect the girl to be either. girls have enough to worry about based on what they are told they are meant to look like. mass media sets the appeal for how a girl should look and women try there best to be attain that even if it means going through surgery or going to extremes. anyway, there is nothing hotter then when a girl opens up to you and is comfertable enough to share these 'imperfections' and knowing its a secret only between you two. imperfections give uniqueness to people anyway so deffinitly not bad. none of them bother me.

    Good Luck, God Bless


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  • I actually might write an article about this topic. I've been thinking about it for a while.

    Here's the gist of it: your imperfections are to be expected. I don't care what kind of girl you are, you are not perfect. Your attractiveness isn't about fixing all of those imperfections you have, but being able to accept them and deal with them. That scar on your face isn't what's keeping you from being attractive, but your low self-image is.

    We like you for who you are, not for who you want to be.

  • No... cosmetic stuff like this is always much more in the mind of the person who has it. And sometimes being close enough to a woman to know these special little things can feel like an intimate secret...

    So no, I don't "care" about these things...

  • Some are bothered by it, others are not. I'm one of the people that will notice those abnormalities, but as long as they aren't to the "Extremes" it doesn't bother me.

    When you "fall" for someone, like I've fallen for my S.O.- changing those abnormalities seems to "remove a part of them" that you have learned to appreciate. It's like cutting a tail off a cat, you just don't see it that often. So why try and "fix" something that isn't even a problem?

  • id rather she not have those issues but I can't honestly say I'd actually break up with someone just because she has those things

    • You would break up over small things like that? (honestly curious, not mad)

      but we can't help it. Sure we can pluck the hairs. But the streach marks? I can't stop those.

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    • Oh crap I totally read that wrong. I'm sorry!

    • It's ok I think I just worded it badly :(

      but yea what I meant was that I wouldn't leave my girl if I realized she had those types of 'issues' because to me they are not that big of a deal and I would still like her just as much

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