Girl who has never had a boyfriend before and never been kissed?

What do you think about a girl who has never had a boyfriend before and never been kissed.

pros and cons


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  • [ potential girlfriend ]

    - I would worry about what the first kiss would be like, but it wouldn't change my opinions about her. If I really liked the way we interacted I would make more effort to initiate the first kiss than letting her initiate it. If the kiss sucked, I'd probably dwell about how to improve her kissing style- though I wouldn't let it affect our potential relationship.

    [ Potential Girl Friend (Just friends) ]

    - I would try not to be protective over who she tries to date, though I ultimately would be. Constantly I would be biting my lip when she approaches those douschbag guys that would use her in entirity - though I would try and speak up to let her know that, respectfully, I do not like this guy and my opinions about him.

    [ Other ]

    - It varies with the situation.

    Needless to say, the main leading factor in how I took a liking to her as a friend/relationship/etc would not be affected by how she kissed; though, it would be something I gave thought towards.

    It would be interesting now that I think about it- kind of like a mystery I would want to unfold. So I would probably strive to be with her more than other girls- so long as I took a liking to her personality and other features of who she was.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • I don't think it really matters if you have or have not. People just make such a big deal about it. You could just be waiting for someone to come to you. But some people are just jerks and make fun of you.


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