Having trouble narrowing down my t-shirts. Offer me support?

Having trouble narrowing down my t-shirts. Offer me support?

I've gotten them sorted into four stacks:
1. dont like the fit or style,
2. dont like the fit,
3. like the fit and the style,
4. dont like the style
I figured I would keep stack three, and select half each from stacks two and four, and donate all the rest including stack one.
There are 41 shirts in the keeper stack, and 21in the get rid of stack.
Am I still keeping too many shirts? I mean obviously, up until now I've 'needed' all hundred
how many would you keep?
I have about twenty long-sleeve button-ups in the closet.
Any other suggestions?
Be kind.


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  • Where's your cargo shorts stack?

    • I think I have a pair, in dark khaki, at the bottom of shorts drawer one.

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    • Lol, where I live it's all t shirts and cargo shorts. I'm impressed that you have so many t shirts that you have to sort them like this.

    • I've tried many sorting methods and nothing works. Time to cut down. I've tried:
      Tank tops seperated
      sorting drawers by frequency /fondness (three drawers full)
      sorting by casualness, or fit, or color
      nothing works.

  • I would keep those 41 (Sum 41)