Poll: Which guys' look most turns you on?

Take the poll & tell me which guy you find most attractive.

  • Dark/Brown Hair & Brown Eyes
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  • Dark/Brown Hair & Blue or green eyes (which do you like more?)
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  • Blonde & Blue eyes
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  • Blonde & Brown eyes (is there such a thing?)
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  • Other - explain (bald, redhead, etc)
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I am so surprised by this poll so far. I thought blondes with blue eyes were so popular! Personally, its brown hair and blue or green eyes. But, I'd say the hair color is something I more attracted to then eye color.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Between A and B for me. I like dark hair, eye color doesn't matter to me

    • I agree except I prefer the blue or green eyes over brown.

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  • I'm between A & B, because I honestly don't care about the eye colour. Brown hair is attractive, but basically, any boy with nice hair is attractive haha. For me, boys with nice hair is a big turn on. Anyways, blondes are cool too, especially if you look like Alexander Ludwig. He has nice hair, and he's so damn hot. ;)

    SweetAndSarcastic -xo

  • I know it is silly but I looove me some blue eyes. Hair doesn't matter but my boyfriends is blonde so blonde hair is it for me :)

  • B: Brown hair and blue eyes or A: brown eyes. And yeah there is such thing as a blonde with brown eyes, I know a few people with that.

  • awww. poor blondes :(