Babyliss miracurl vs. regular curling iron?

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  • The Babyliss Miracurl is better.

    I don't like how it's so hard to get to the last inch of your hair when using a regular curling iron. You could end up having straight ends sticking out, if you aren't careful doing it. That doesn't happen with the Miracurl. It takes your hair in up to the ends, so your hair is curled all the way through. No need to change barrel sizes too. You can simply adjust the time and heat settings to get your curls tighter or looser, and you can even change the settings on which direction you want the curls to be - either left, right, or alternating. No need to twist and turn your arm and all that stuff. You literally just have to clip, click, wait, and release. It's really quick and easy to use, once you get the hang of it. Just be mindful of how thick you section your hair and also where you clamp it since that's where the curl will begin.

    • thank you for your opinion (*^^*)
      i'm seriously considering getting the pink one but i'm worried it may be a fake (online retailer) and then i found out there's a steam one? so i'm a bit confused now ^^;

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    • You're welcome.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • tbh i haven't tried either -_-

  • I don't like using either because it hurts your hair since it's using heat.

    All I have to do to make mine curlier is put it up in a french braid while my hair is still wet. Wait for it to dry and then take it down. Though my hair is party wavy/curly.

  • I haven't tried either one but I have seen tutorials on curling iron and I can already decide that a regular curling iron is my preference, it has to be a good quality, though. With a set of curling wands, you can choose the size and type of the curls. With a miracurl, you don't have options, you get standard looking curls that look alike.

  • I am sorry, but I haven't tried either. Right now I am using a Grundig curling iron, which works as a straightener as well and it has 5x ceramic color protection. It's pretty great.

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