Looks and personality?

I noticed that most hot girls get with guys based on their looks. and girls that are not that hot get with guys based on their personality.so for girls who go with guys based on looks what is the first thing you look at when you see a guy for the first time? and why? And for girls who look at personality.what type of personality do you look for in a guy?


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  • What attracts me to a guy is his looks which is natural. But what keeps me interested is his personality. I don't care if he's the hottest guy on earth, if he's unable to have an intelligent conversation with me, then he has to go.

    I wouldn't say that I'm hot, but I'm also not by any means ugly. When I was in college, I only went after the hot frat guys who were as shallow and stupid as anything. But now that I'm out of college, I go after guys that are a little less attractive but have a great personality and career.

    I look for guys with a personality that is similar to mine but yet different enough that I'm able to learn something from him.


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  • Most people end up dating someone with looks on par with their own is what several articles about the science and sociology of dating have told me. I'm assuming you think hot girls judge by looks because you see them with very attractive men and that less attractive girls date by personality because you see them with less attractive men. However, I hear ugly people complain about how awful their exes were and hot people talk about how wonderful their partners are (and everything in between).

    One person's hot is also another person's ugly. For instance, I like smaller, quiet and witty guys while my best friend likes beefy loud jock types. Although I recognize that her guys are good looking, I'm not every actually attracted to them.

  • i like both.

    i have to find the guy I'm with attractive and good looking AND I have to like him as a person too. personality and looks is what counts.

    as far as looks, first thing I'm looking at is his face and overall style...if you can't dress that's a turnoff and a nice smile always goes far. for personality, I like a guy who is good natured and fun


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