What would you think of a man with a Triforce tattoo?

Just something simple. Noticeable, but nothing that would stick out like a black skull, or whatever. lol
What would you think of a man with a Triforce tattoo?
I'd especially love some opinions from the ladies, please? ;)


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  • Fcken adorable
    I want the humiculi symbol for envy (not my favorite character but among the 7 the sin I relate to)
    The seikirei awaken symbol
    The scissor blade from Kill la Kill
    The hell butterfly from bleach
    The hidden leaf symbol
    The dang family (clannad)
    Danganronpa the shadow of the bear's smile (forgot his name lol)
    Supermash bros comic strip format of my charcters facing off Yoshi vs Kirby
    And a tribute to studio ghibli on my torso

    Yes thats quite a bit but I love it , and that's just what I remember

    • Is that a list of possibilities, or would you want them all? lol

    • The humiculi sign and the studio ghibli and seikirei on I'm getting lol

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