I need help on my look?

like here's my problem...I'm not good looking

i have a beard..5'6..and ugly hair style

what should I do to look better like I want to change my whole look for me I wanna change but I don't know how so I ask you to help me

like what shoes should I wear

what cologne I should wear

what should I wear

little details like that

please help this means a lot to me so if you can really help me I would give you the top answer even though that's not enough for ur help

but thank really


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  • Well first shave your beard. I don't know how big it is but I think , in opion, that beards make you look older than you are. Getting rid of that would make you look completely different. Go to a Hair cuttery and get a hairstyle you like but that's also modern and in the times. You could look up some hair products to buy if it's the texture, frizzyness or whatever problems you have with that. As for clothes. Your going to have to make up your own.

    for example.

    do you want to follow the trends?

    or just buy what you like and try to do your own thing?

    For little things like cologne, find a popular one. Usually popular brands are the ones that will be most liked by others. But please don't spray alot. NO girl wants to smell you 2 aisles away in grocery store.

    Hm. Do you have skin problems? Like acne? If not then you should still probably keep your face washed at night and when you wake up. But make sure it something for normal skin not something meant for if you have acne cause it'll probably dry out your face.

    Uhmm. Get casual shoes, I've seen people with the most raggidy shoes ever. I can understand if you don't have the money but if you wear them just because to lazy to go get some new ones then that's way lame. Ones you can wear with anything.

    But when it comes to clothes/fashion wise I can't help you with that. Just don't do too much to fast cause you definitely don't want to go bankrupt. Lol.

    I hoped it helped. I really didn't think I typed that much until just now...so sorry If I bore you.


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  • well, it depends on ur personality lolz and wut you like!

    alot of gurls prefure diff looks :D

    i personally like the rocker look

    long hair

    band tshirts

    baggy pants lolz

    tats and peircings


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  • hey, what are you twelve? create your own style dude, don't try to be like others.. you got the hippie look going , clean that up..sorry I couldn't help

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