Hair product for curly hair?

My hair is naturally curly. It is so hard to work with it because no matter how much hairspray/gel I put into my hair it dries and my hair looks all puffy and ugly. The only way that I can work with my hear is when I straighten it, but because its so hard to work with my curly hair, I have to straighten it more often and I don't want to damage it.

So question is, does anyone know of a good hair product (hairspray, gel, spray gel) that I can use that will leave my hair looking "wet" for a long time and won't dry out. I want my curls to stand out! (I say this one product called "Frizz" or something like that, its in a clear bottle, letters are purple, don't know if it works though).

I meant to write "saw" on the last sentence, sorry, typos =)


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  • The best products I have found for managing curly hair are the Kinky Curly "Knot Today" Leave-in Conditioner ($11. 99) and Kinky Curly Curling Custard ($29.99) They are kind of expensive but last a long time and are definitely worth the money. Either wash or wet your hair and then put the leave-in conditioner or custard or both in and wait and see how beautiful and shiny and bouncy your curls will look..

    (I know I have straight hair in this pic but I only straighten it once or twice a year...the rest of the time its curly curly curly!) Good Luck!


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  • My hair is naturally curly too and I used to have the same problem, I found Loreal studio line curl power and it works miracles lol well I think it does, it gives your curls bounce and it doesn't dry hair out or leave it sticky or anything.

    It looks like this,



    • By the way, I think the product which you saw is called frizz ease by john frieda, its very good but can be expensive

  • If you wanna wear it down, mix water, conditioner, and a little bit of olive oil in a spray bottle and spray into your hair after washing it/while its damp. It should look like a leave in conditioner so don't put too much water in it.

  • Herbal Essences! I absolutely loveee it! Buy the kind for curly hair. I think they say "totally twisted". My mom has curly hair and it makes her curls look so define with no frizz. (also smells awesome!)