Girls, If Atlhletic Young Fit guys started wearing Speedos?

Would you like it. I mean if if wasn't the opposite. Kinda like hot girls wear bikinis

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Most Helpful Girl

  • If said young, fit, hot guy is on a competitive swim team and he is wearing it at a swim meet then that's fine.

    If he is wearing it elsewhere that's a problem.

    My boyfriend is a competitive swimmer. He has been one since he was 4. He is very fit. If anyone has the body to pull off wearing a speedo, it's him. But even he knows better than to wear one at the beach.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Sure... they do in a lot of countries in Europe. Perfectly normal.

    • Well girls should encourage it, then guys probably would

  • Nah I'm good
    Humble yourself

    • Humble yourself?

    • Lol not you but
      Like a guy I would see in speedo
      If your not playing waterpolo put something less constricting on
      I don't want to see the out line of your porksword
      I don't want to wonder why I can't see the outline like "what tucking method did he use?"
      Or I don't want to see him barley fitting into them like he' s hiding a pet iguana in there

  • We are not visual in a sense men are. We don't want you to define your junk for us. We like outfits on men which we associate with manliness and power.

    Speedo's don't say manly, or power, they say "creepy Italian dude", or "gay".
    Regular swimming shorts are manly. They're something girls don't normally wear, so we mostly find it hot on guys.

  • I worked in a waterpark and saw this a lot, especially on European guys. I'm largely indifferent. It's your body - wear what you like!

    • Was the water park in the USA?

    • Yes, but there were many international visitors.

    • Guess like in Florida or something?