Is this shirt considered "hipster"? And by the way, what is hipster? I just do not grab the concept?

So I got this shirt, wore it with jeans and some nice shoes, my glasses and people tell me "Oh cool shirt dude! Way to hipstering it! " And I am a little confused on the whole concept.

So my questions are:
1. What is hispster style really? (In fashion mostly, not in daily living)
2. Is this shirt considered "hipster" by itself? Or it depends on what is paired with (shoes, etc,)

is this shirt considered


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  • I guess... it could be, but not by itself unless it's tight.

    Hipster in fashion: old-time-y things worn ironically, tight clothing, pants shorter than they ought to be, socks visible, suspenders, bow ties, mixing the formal with casual attempting to be 'hip'...


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  • looks like a normal flannel to me. flannels were flannels when I was wearing them, not hipster.

    and I have no idea what an actual hipster is either, when I think of the word hipster I think of people from Oregon and that show Portlandia, awkward in a social scene and into shit Zooey Deschanel is. basically a new age hippie.


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  • If you want to wear plaid, checkered go for it, just don't button it up.

    • Thanks for the input - why NOT button it up? Any particular reason? Or just your preference?

    • It's just my preference! I think it look best when it's not!

  • This girl once told me that hispter meant different.

    These days hispters aren't really hipsters... something like that.

    So according to that definition, sort of?

  • A "hipster" is liking, wearing, etc/ things that are hip and current. Sometimes they are new to it and just like it because it's "hip", while others have always liked it... and aren't hipsters. I think it's a normal, nice looking flannel shirt.

    • Thank you! I think so too, I like flannel!

    • I just picked up this burgundy & black flannel top (it's feminine cut and style tho). :)

    • That is cool! Girls in flannel look soooo cute and attractive in my opinion so nice call! + they are soft

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  • 1) supposedly a unique fashion that's not "mainstream", but all hipsters look pretty similar. Sometimes they wear flannel like that. Just look up how to dress like a hipster.

    2) these days people will just automatically say its hipster

  • Hipster is just a word for dumbfuck, mediocre Americans to throw around for people who have different tastes than garbage radio music, films, fashion, etc.