Can you make an outfit for me to help me survive 40F tomorrow?

Keep in mind I'm a cold baby. I moved up north and I'm new to cold weather and I'm already frozen. I'm kinda ignorant of how to dress. Can you save me?


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  • I wear leggings under my jeans.
    I've even worn leggings under black tights with a dress lol.
    Boots (even little ankle boots) really help with keeping your feet warm!

    Layering with shirts, sweaters, and coats/jackets is important haha The wind can really get you though so some jackets are just terrible when its cold & windy because it just passes through the fabric and chills your bones lol


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  • i am used to this weather so i usually just wear a jacket and jeans
    but for seriously cold weather i wear: black wool tights thick fuzzy socks, over that and jeans over both of them then i put on leg warmers over my jeans and then my winter boots. for my torso, i wear my regular bra, tank top, and a long sleeved shirt, with a warm jacket over that and a scarf over my jacket. and usually have on ear warmers or a warm hat.

    • Oh wow this was something that I was looking for!!! Thanks! This helps a lot!

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    • Oh do you keep your tights on all day or do you take them off once you get inside?

    • i usually keep them but in some of my classes its abnormally hot so i just go to the bathroom take them off and put them in my bag.

  • 40 F isn't that cold. You need a medium thickness coat preferably long. A shawl or scarf. Mittens. Warm boots. Undeneath you wear something with long sleeves.

    • Not cold for you, but freeezing for me!!!
      I wore my wool peacoat today and I was still cold in the morning. My winter coat is a big down one with a fur trimmed hood. Should I bust that out? And I *always* wear long sleeves lol

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