What do you think of my "style"?

Okay so... this is from a fourteen year old girl who seems a lot like I was her age, please give feedback!

"I am not at all popular in school. And honestly? I don't give a shit. I get told a lot it has to do with my appearance, which people are quick to judge. My hair is a dyed shade of red, I wear mostly black, chokers, band shirts, converse, a lot of the "emo" and "grunge" stuff. But you know what else I have worked hard to wear? A smile. I don't know... What do people online and in various other parts of the world think about that way of dressing? If you saw someone like me what would you think?"


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  • I would think your black clothing was cool, and if you had black hair I would like it more

    that's what I think


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  • Sounds like a typical teenager to me.