What do guys think of girls that tease?

I am quite a teaser as in I flirt a lot with lots of different guys/girls (only for fun for both of us not expecting anything out of it), occasionally accidentally lead them on (which I clarify as soon as I am made aware) and I've slept around a fair amount(only with guys/girls I trust, not strangers). So I was wondering, would you view me as just being a flirtatious teenager, someone to avoid or completely despicable?



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  • I'd recognize it right away. If you decided to tease me, I'd attempt to find some way in which I could benefit from this attention. You're certainly a person with a lot of ability to pull that all off and get away with it. I admire that and I'd probably try to pick up on your techniques.

    I'm currently not sure if it's completely okay and the hurt is the fault of those who fall for it or rather the one who teases, so I'm currently indifferent and would readily emulate that ability if given the chance.

    I've met two very important girls in my life who are like this. They are very dangerous and must be met with caution and tact, but I enjoy the challenge of them. Not in winning them over or anything, but in avoiding their tactics and beating them at their own game.

    • Thank you very much for being one of the few people who wouldn't avoid me like the plague ;P

    • Best answer! I'm impressed you even understood it all. I wonder if all successful teases are smart. So far, the ones I've known seem to be.

    • I know! everyone assumes that because I'm a teaser that I'm a complete imbecile! I have 5 A grade highers! ;P

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  • To be honest, I'd dodge you like a bullet.

    It's not a good idea to be overly flirtatious with people you have no intentions of even going on a date with. To be honest that sounds like a self-esteem issue where you want to know if others are attracted to you. If that's the case, is it worth it for you to feel good about yourself for a moment, to have them feel like crap after you tell them you actually weren't interested in them at all? Sounds quite selfish to me.

    Not to mention if anyone is around you that did like you and you like them back, and they pick up on how you are, they can easily think that you are playing the same game with them, and avoid you as well. What goes around comes around.

  • I would view you as someone that I have to stay away from. You don't play with peoples emotions because that's not right at all. Maybe one day you wll fall for this guy that you really, really like, but this guy will play around with you, just like you did to other guys around and around. Well either way its your style although beware, and take care there ms.

    • But I make sure that these guys aren't taking me seriously and if they do fall for me then I can pick it up fairly quickly and let them down easy before they to involved. I don't exactly play with their emotions as much as have fun with slight flirtatious connotations and I don't think any of them are too attached... :/ and thank you I will ;P

    • Fair enough I understand, but just remember every guy is different. You don't want to flirt with the wrong guy that would take it a different way, that's why I said be careful.

    • Okay well thank you very much for your advive :)

  • - I'm a big flirt.. be yourself but stay mindful of others feelings especially if someone starts to become attached..

    • Well it's good to know I'm not alone ;P and I do remain mindful of their feelings but I just like to have fun! ;P

    • - haha, you are definitely not alone :). its good to make light of things and have fun when one can and when its appropriate.

    • Exactly! I don't know what people are getting theier knickers in a twist about! ;P

  • I would stay away from you no matter what age you are.

  • it's you life, I don't really care what you do with it. I wouldn't have anything to do with you however


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