Geeks, If you were a superhero, how would you design your costume?

What type of clothing do you want use?
What would be the main color schemes?
What would be some special features?



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  • I think that it'd be something like Kamala Khan's:

    Maybe a pastel blue smock with white trousers/leggings/whatever they are underneath, nothing that makes me look intimidating at all because that goes along with the super power I want and how I look. I don't want to look intimidating, so light colours, something covered up, something that makes me look vulnerable. It would just be a very plain costume.

    • Would you wear a cape or a sash like Ms. Marvel is?

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    • I think it also depends on the situation as well as the gender. If you're like the Black Widow and spend a lot of your time doing espionage, then you might be required to wear things like ball masks when you're doing more high profile, upper class society kinda things. Even Hawkeye (Kate, not Clint) has to wear one:

      I personally like Kate's mask here, the Mockingbird version:

    • I like the mask in the second one. It looked better. I guess I'm thinking about a face mask like a ninja mask.

      I am so in love with the new costume on the show Arrow (Season 4)

      I wish there was a website to create a superhero outfit and pull from other pictures.

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  • I want something tight fitting, long sleeve and made out of leather. I also want it to have a hoodie with an eye mask. It'll be like Catwoman meets Green Arrow

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    • I didn''t know they were having sexual scenes in this show. What did you hear?

    • No i dont mean to where they show boobs etc... It just seems that everything on tv now is rated PG13 or R.

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  • I'd just go with a sexy Catwoman costume the ultimate camouflage as bad guys would be on the hunt for a woman instead of a guy.