Anyone have any good cosplay for Zelda from Legend of Zelda?

I have never cosplayed before, and I would like to cosplay as Zelda. Does anyone have a good cosplay costume or website or tutorial or something that could help me?


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  • Let me Google that for you :
    C'mon, learn to use search engines better :P

    • I was just gathering suggestings then pick the ones I like. And that was a fail on my part 😝

    • Gaming pro tip: know which Zelda princess you're trying to cosplay as. Be informed about your character. Good luck!

    • Thanks!

  • Women need to stop ruining the gaming world... just get out. Video-games are for males

    • How are we ruining it? Why should we stop playing games? We are all allowed to. I don't see any problems.

    • And besides, would you like to dress up as Zelda instead of a girl dressing up as Zelda?

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